Compere & Cabaret

We offer a wide range of services in addition to the strippers. Most popular are the Comedians and Drag queens.

To book Strippers for a Stag or Hen Show then please Call 07740082480

Usually Blue Comedians are booked for stag nights and gentlemens' evenings with the female strippers and the Drag Artistes are booked for Hen shows and ladies nights and they will work with the male strippers. All of our comedians and our drag artistes that we contract are professionals on the adult circuit.

The Compere will use all of their skill and experience to ensure that the your function runs smoothly. In addition to their own work:

  • They provide the PA system (the microphone and cd sound system);
  • They introduce the strip acts on and off the stage/performing area and co-ordinate their music;
  • They will promote any charity that your function is supporting and ensure publicity for this through the night and promote any raffles and help present prizes.
  • They are with you for the whole of the evening - usually providing the back-up music for the la dances after the main show as well.

The Blue Comics performance is made of jokes and stories - not for the faint hearted! - and audience participation.

The Drag Artistes routines likewise will include jokes, stories and usually party games with prizes for the girls' to join in with, mime, dance and usually a sing-song at the end.

In addition to this, most of our artistes are experienced on the cabaret circuit, where they can work indvidually or as part of a variety performance. Please browse through our galleries, where you may recognise popular faces on television as well as the theatre and pantomine stages.

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